Membership in SCHOLARS WITHOUT BORDERS is open to individuals who have demonstrated scholarly achievement in the international area. There are three categories of members:

  1. Faculty and staff who have been involved in international endeavors such as teaching, research, programming, service, administrating or promoting exchange programs, living abroad, or providing services to international students and scholars.
  2. International students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement (Graduates with a minimum 3.5 SDSU GPA based on 6 units earned, and Undergraduates with a minimum 3.25 SDSU GPA based on a total of 30 units earned)
  3. U.S. students who are interested in an international perspective and have demonstrated high scholastic achievement (Graduates with a minimum 3.5 GPA based on a minimum 6 units earned, and Undergraduate with a minimum 3.25 GPA based on a minimum total of 30 units earned). What are the benefits of membership?

The most significant benefits are the recognition for scholarly achievement in the international area and the networking of individuals involved in international endeavors.SCHOLARS WITHOUT BORDERS members are also automatically eligible to apply for the SWB Study Abroad Scholarship. SWB aspires to become a clearinghouse for information on international study, service, and career opportunities. What is the cost of membership?

Annual, renewable membership dues are $50 for faculty and staff and $50 for students. However, you can save time and money by choosing a multi-year membership. We offer the following membership options:

  Students Faculty/Staff
One Year  $50 $50
Three Years $80 $120
Lifetime Membership $120 $300

All of these dues support the SDSU chapter and are used to advance international initiatives on campus.

How do I become a member?

Prospective members are invited to apply for membership and are confirmed by the chapter's Governing Board.

Self-nominated faculty, staff, and students may complete and submit a Membership Application Form by clicking on the appropriate link, below. 

How do I maintain ACTIVE standing in Scholars Without Borders?

In order to remain ACTIVE in Scholars Without Borders, students must accrue a minimum amount of participation points per semester. Points will be given for participation in events and community service projects each semester. More information on our new participation point system will be sent out to all members at the beginning of each semester.