Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join Scholars Without Borders? How much does it cost? 

You can find details about membership requirements and annual membership dues on the SWB Membership Page.

Am I required to study abroad as a member of Scholars Without Borders?

While we encourage our student members to study abroad, and try to provide lots of support to make it possible, study abroad is not a requirement of membership.

I can't afford the membership fee. Do you have a fee waiver process?

We are a new enough organization to not have a 'fee-waiver' process-- especially because membership is voluntary and membership dues are what pay for our student study abroad scholarships and campus programming. The good news is that other than our Installation Reception and a few other select events, most of our programs are open to members and non-members alike. So, please feel free to participate in all of our workshops, panels, film festivals, etc.

When can I join Scholars Without Borders?

Prospective new members can join Scholars Without Borders during our annual Fall membership drive. Each Fall (usually in late September), invitations are sent to all eligible students via email and to all faculty and staff from the Office of the Provost. If you meet all eligibility requirements and do not receive an email, you can apply online through our Membership Page.

What if my GPA drops below the minimum after I join? 

GPA and other eligibility requirements are only taken into account when you apply to become a new member. You are not required to maintain a specific GPA after joining.

What types of meetings and events does Scholars Without Borders offer? Am I required to attend a certain number of meetings and events to remain a member in good standing? 

We put on a number of events throughout the year. For example, each year we co-sponsor the International Photo Contest, a campus-wide competition for students that have studied abroad. We typically offer one-two study abroad related events for students each year, as well as presentations on a variety of global issues or regions. The most important event of the year is our annual Installation Reception, at which we welcome new members, celebrate interesting international projects, and provide opportunities for our student, faculty, and staff members to get to know each other. We encourage all members to attend. We will send information about upcoming events on our website as soon as we have more details.

In order to remain an ACTIVE member of Scholars Without Borders, students need to accrue at least 3 participation points per semester. Points will be given for participation in events and community service projects. More information on our new participation system will be sent out to all student members.

I joined Scholars Without Borders last year, but I just received a membership invitation. Do I need to reapply each year?

Each year, we work with the Office of Enrollment Services to send out our email invitation to all eligible students, so you may receive an email even though you are already a member. You do not need to re-join Scholars Without Borders, but you do need to renew your membership each year, which you can do by visiting our Membership Page.

If you have previously paid for a multi-year membership, you do not need to renew your membership until it expires and we send you a renewal notice. Please make sure to send updated contact information if you move or change your email address.

What study abroad opportunities are available to me as a Scholars Without Borders member?

While Scholars Without Borders strives to inspire and encourage our student members to study abroad, we do not have any of our own study abroad programs. Students should explore some of the 350+ study abroad programs that SDSU offers by attending a general study abroad information session put on by the International Student Center. Fnd a list of upcoming information sessions and search the "Program Finder" 

I am about to graduate (or have already graduated). Can I still join Scholars Without Borders?

Yes! Graduating students and alumni are welcome to stay involved with Scholars Without Borders after leaving their formal time at the university. If you remain in the San Diego area, we would love to have you join us for all events and programs.

What is the Installation Reception all about? Who should attend?

At our annual Installation Reception, we welcome new members, celebrate interesting international projects, and provide opportunities for our student, faculty, and staff members to get to know each other. It is not just for new members. Rather, it is the one event of the year that all members will likely be interested in, so it provides a great chance to do some networking!

Who is eligible to apply for the study abroad scholarship?

All current student members are eligible to apply for the study abroad scholarship. Beginning in Spring 2013, however, students must be ACTIVE members in order to be eligible for scholarship funding.

Undergraduate students must first apply to an SDSU-approved study abroad program (or independent provider) and then can complete the Undergraduate Application.

Graduate students may apply for a study abroad scholarship for an SDSU-approved study abroad program or independent research, provided that they have structured itineraries and substantial host-country connections. Graduate Application

The study abroad scholarship is competitive and we regret that we cannot fund all eligible applicants. Information about the review and scoring process can also be found on the website.